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charming hog

[Before you stands a large and imposing boar. It snorts and then speaks to you with a low, rumbling voice.]

"Welcome, traveler. Welcome to the forest where I make my home amongst the dirt and foliage. Take your time wandering our domain, exploring its many pockets and secrets, and acquainting yourself with the other swine who make their home here."

[The boar steps aside, motioning for you to continue down the path to enter the domain of hog.]

[Ahead of you, you see a wooden sign with writing carved into it.]

Warning! This site is NOT mobile friendly! Use a real computer and view at 1920×1080! Please!!!

Some pages are very image heavy. There may also be the occasional flashing image.

Hovering over images may reveal messages. I encourage you to look for hidden paths in these woods!

Care to root around in the dirt with us? If you think you are ready to enter the hogsite, please click on the charming hog standing before you to enter.

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