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Welcome to my pile of dirt!

my little pile of dirt and foliage where I make my home. please enjoy your stay. ♥

care to root around in the dirt with us? it is quite lovely.

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update log

▸ Announcing the world premiere of the HOG HEAVEN MULTIPLEX! The finest establishment for movie viewing AND hog performance art! All in one place!
▸ "Grand opening" is December 12th and 8:15pm est. We will be watching It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. Details on how to join in promotional. Be therrrre.

▸ Minor changes and additions made to /favorites

▸ Added my top 5 youtube poops to /favorites. Highly recommend if you want to watch roughly 40 minutes of YTPs.

False hogs are here. Beware these frauds.

▸ 200 NEOCITIES FOLLOWERS?? WHAT!!!! For real though, I never expected this many people to appreciate this silly website. Thank you for egging me on! Much love to you all 💚🧡💚

▸ This summer's trailcam pics have been uploaded! I also redid the trailcam page's navigation and separated the years into their own respective pages in an attempt to decrease the bandwidth used by loading hundreds of images all at once.

▸ Just imported all trailcam photos taken since late April onto my pc! I'm picking through them right now and will be uploading the good ones in the coming days.
▸ I love how my trailcam page is laid out, but I'm sure the massive amount of photos makes that page difficult to view for folks with slow internet. (myself included on occasion) I've been thinking of ways to make the page less bandwitdth heavy. Maybe splitting up each year into its own separate page?

▸ New image in promotional! Tried to evoke the vibe of "a bookmark you got from the local library".
▸ I also added a handful of new links in resources.

▸ Added many new Venus pics and spruced up the old ones on hide & seek with Venus.

▸ good lird I'm almost at 150 neocities followers!!!! Never thought my funny site would get this many eyes on it. Glad everyone enjoys viewing these hogs. ♡
▸ I made a short anonymous survey to see where people originally found my hogsite. Take it when you get a chance!

▸ Added a resources page! Chock full of links.

▸ I prooomise I haven't forgotten about my dear hogsite, I've just been very busy irl! Been making lots of art and also working on a car. (which I kinda want to make a page on here for?...)
BUT! I have plans to add bits and things in the near future. All in due time. Sit tight! 🐗

▸ New promo image over at promotional to go with the new Porcine Possessions page. Look at my hog, boy.

▸ Take a gander at the new page porcine possessions! There isn't a ton there at the moment, but perhaps in the future there will be more...?

▸ New promo image in /promotional! Also newer (2021-2023) trailcam images have been uploaded to /trailcam!

Trailcam page has been added! I'll be uploading trailcam photos from 2022 and 2023 soon enough, whenever I get around to importing them to my pc. For the past month I've had it set up in a really good spot with lots of wildlife activity, so look forward to it!

▸ I forgot to make a note of it here when it happened, but I hit 100 neocities followers last week! It blows my mind that so many people enjoy my silly little site. Hogs and kisses to all ♡
▸ It's also national pig day today!!!! Is it a coincidence that this monumental day falls within the same month as this site's birthday and my own birthday? I haven't the slightest idea, but take this cool image I found on deviantart to celebrate the occasion.
▸ Oh I also uploaded ALL of the images on my images page to imgur, to replace all their urls with ones that won't break anymore.

▸ joined furryring! added the webring widget to the links section on my about page.
▸ more updates are in the works. stay tuned! 🐗

▸ after many days of fighting with the code, look to your right and behold! the new sitemap!
good lird tree views make no sense

▸ EVENTUALLY I'm going to rearrange this home page so it looks a little nicer. the 2 text boxes above in particular are in desperate need of a revamp.
▸ I also need to start utilizing the css stylesheet to make everything a bit more cohesive and more manageable. instead of using it exclusively to make the background dirt (what I'm doing now lol)

▸ added a handful of images around the place and tidied a few things up.

▸ added hide & seek with Venus! it's like if where's waldo was only about my cat.

▸ added promotional page to house any and all so called "promotional" material I make for the site

▸ made this new updates section that I may or may not remember to update. hehe!
▸ added images page for your image viewing pleasure
▸ added new buttons to the cool sites section. do you see yours?
▸ rearranged things across multiple pages. little quality of life updates.

▸ new page! forage a feast! click and drag! arrange the many treats! (big thanks to a friend of a friend who helped me get it working right)

updates before 10.12.2022 have not been recorded