I want an AMC Gremlin?

The influence of living with people that’re into the whole vintage car thing has finally gotten to me and made me look at world renowned ugly car the AMC Gremlin and go “omg wow what a neat looking car. I wish I had one.” I know jack shit about cars btw, but the thought of driving this funky thing around is very appealing to me. I think it would be really cool to do one up all nice to use as my daily driver!

But instead of committing myself to a project that will cost thousands of dollars and man hours on a subject I know nothing about, I’m making this page to mull it over and gather my thoughts. I may loose interest in this project, and this page might end up having been a waste of time, but who knows! I enjoy the thrill of categorizing things and making lists, so here we are.


Jumping off point is actually finding the car. Absolute musts for me are a solid body and a title. An automatic transmission would be preferred, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I got manual. It'd give me an excuse to finally learn stick, instead of just enough bare basics to get by.

I would like to restomod the car. Put in a newer, better engine, newer technology, the works. Again, I don't know anything about cars so I don't know whether it'd be easier to do a restomod or restore.



The exterior is honestly the most exciting part to me. Limitless potential. I definitely want to keep the 70s aesthetic wrt color.

I'd like to have a light or dark base with colorful accents. Like either an off white or black, or maybe even brown if I can make it work.

color combo samples:

Having it painted in that metal flake type of paint would be really nice. It's probably expensive as hell though.


I might keep the original hockey stick stripe, or I might do something new. Color changing wrap stripe? Two tone half n half? Lots of choices.

some existing custom styles I'm a fan of.

okay, these are Ford Pinto Cruising Wagons, but the decals look sick. and they came out of the factory like this, if you can believe it!

Bumper Stickers

Some period accurate ones, some pertaining to my own interests. Bit of a mixed bag.


The interior is of course going to depend on the exterior color and the state the car is in.

Some (to the best of my knowledge) original Gremlin interiors:

Tan and white [brown exterior, '73 X]
Black [black and gold exterior, '74 X]
Rust [red and gold exterior, '77 X]
"Fairway" Black with red inserts [red and white exterior, '74 X]
Levi's edition [diamond blue exterior, '74 X]
Grey and light blue [blue and gold exterior, '73 X]
Blue [blue exterior, '76]

interior of an AMC Javelin Pierre Cardin Edition