the red river hog

Please enjoy this informational page about the lovely red river hog (Potamochoerus porcus)

↑ one of my fav pics ↑

I love enrichment that stimulates my natural curiosity and rooting behavior!

a guy's gotta be enriched, amiright??

How To Get So Sopping Wet In One Easy Step

My tusks are used in fights, to cut up roots, and to mark my territory by scraping tree trunks!


* schniffffffff *

My head is shaped like a shovel. I use it to dig up dirt in my search for food!

I love roots and tubers, but I'm an omnivore that will eat just about anything I can get my snout into!

ough. rooting can really take it out of a guy

kiss <3

I use the long tufts of hair on my ears and tail to swat away bugs. lots of bugs in the forests of Africa.

simply beautiful

kind eyes. winning smile. what more could you want.