W3Schools - Your best friend when starting off learning HTML and CSS

Web Design in 4 minutes - Interactive crash course in building a website

HTML CheatSheet

HTML For Babies

CSS hover effects

CSS Grid Generator

Mutant Standard - Experimental emojis that are an offshoot of Unicode Standard emojis

HTML Color Codes - Color picker for all your color code needs

Image Color Picker - Upload an image and use the eyedropper to grab HEX or RGB codes

Oldschool PC Fonts

Dead Link Checker


3D Gif Maker - Make a gif of your image on a rotating cube or whatever

Dither It! - Image dithering tool

Retro Image Tool - Another image dithering tool

GifCities - Old web gifs

Profile Resources Masterpost - Gifs, stamps, blinkies, backgrounds, & more

Pattern Cooler - Free, seamless pattern backgrounds that you can edit

PicMix - Blingee alternative

Cool Text - Generate flaming text and other animated text


Online PDF Editor

HandBrake - Free, open source software for converting videos to other formats

Playscii - Open source ASCII art and animation program

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures - Online tool where you can create customized 3D miniatures of your fantasy characters

12ft - Bypass paywalls

Terms of Service Didn't Read - Gives you a summary of terms of service, plus gives each site a privacy rating

Falling Fruit - A community made map of edible plants

Find a Grave - Cemetary records. Great tool for looking into genealogy

Spot The Station - Get alerts for when you can watch the International Space Station pass overhead (it's more often than you think)

This To That - How to glue things to other things

Project Gutenberg - Free books

Star Trek Repository - A google drive of (nearly?) every Star Trek episode throughout all the series


Wild Boar Wikipedia

Feral Hogs - Information on feral hogs

Pig Puns

League of Pigs youtube channel


Mapcarta - Explore the world

Queering The Map

Atlas Obscura - Obscure travel destinations

Roadside America - Obscure travel destinations pt. 2

Radio Garden - Google Earth, but wherever you zoom, you get the radio station of that place

My Retro TVs - Channel surf the past, from the 1950s to the 2000s

Sunday Sites

The Deep Sea - Frogland

A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites - All about trilobites

HORG - Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group: A Database of Synthetic Taxonomy

Death Generator - Generate fake screenshots from games

Pointer Pointer

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park

RAID - A group zine about video games (good) and graphic design (bad)

Jerma Voiceline Emporium



Hot Dog Cat

Pixels Fighting

1997 Toyota Tacoma Water Pump Gasket

The Cool Videos