any kind words shall be saved here for prosperity

Very good page I clicked the hog that was winking at me

exmoth [tumblr]

i love your site its so funny!! HOG SITE

myrmeform [neocities]

i wish i could express to you the joy ive felt exploring your page and all of these beautiful hogs

we should replace twitter with this

hungry-bug [tumblr]

holy fuck this smashes so far cannot wait to see where this goes

still thinking about hadleys hog house

reliquarian [neocities]

I dunno what’s going on here but I support it

psshaw [neocities]

this rules so hard. best hog experience yet

hollis-exe [tumblr]

your site fucking rules #hogzone

newlambda [neocities]

fuck yees hog

driftt [neocities]

10/10 would chill on the dirt with the hogs again

corruptedunicorn [neocities]

HOG babey!!!

thunderzizi [neocities]

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