🛑 STOP WHERE YOU ARE! 🛑 THIS WEBSITE IS NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY! use a real computer!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my pile of dirt!

my little pile of dirt and foliage where I make my home. please enjoy your stay. ♥

care to root around in the dirt with us? it is quite lovely.

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hogs in media

update log

▸ after many days of fighting with the code, look to your right and behold! the new sitemap!
good lird tree views make no sense

▸ EVENTUALLY I'm going to rearrange this home page so it looks a little nicer. the 2 text boxes above in particular are in desperate need of a revamp.
▸ I also need to start utilizing the css to make everything a bit more cohesive and more manageable. instead using it exclusively to make the background dirt (what I'm doing now lol)

▸ added a handful of images around the place and tidied a few things up.

▸ added hide & seek with Venus! it's like if where's waldo was only about my cat.

▸ added promotional page to house any and all so called "promotional" material I make for the site

▸ made this new updates section that I may or may not remember to update. hehe!
▸ added images page for your image viewing pleasure
▸ added new buttons to the cool sites section. do you see yours?
▸ rearranged things across multiple pages. little quality of life updates.

▸ new page! forage a feast! click and drag! arrange the many treats! (big thanks to a friend of a friend who helped me get it working right)

updates before 10.12.2022 have not been recorded